19-20 November 2015 | John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

Karyn has worked in the police for the last 20 years in Sussex, Lancashire, West Mercia, as head of intelligence analysis. She joined Strathclyde Police 12 years ago.

In 2004 she and John Carnochan wrote the report on Violence Reduction for Strathclyde police proposing a different way of addressing violence in Scotland. They went on to set up the violence reduction unit. In 2006 they were made a National Unit and lead on violence reduction in Scotland. They have developed injury surveillance, introduced a gang intervention based on Boston Ceasefire, were instrumental in achieving changes to the Lord Advocates guidelines relating to custody for knife carriers. She helped set up Medics Against Violence charity in Scotland, set up in conjunction with the Violence Reduction Unit, where Doctors and Surgeons attend schools to give inputs on violence reduction and injury and keeping safe.

Karyn trained as a registered nurse, has a B.Sc and M.Sc in Psychology and is a fellow by distinction of the Faculty of Public Health, and received Honorary Doctorate from University of Glasgow for work on prevention of violence. She is an Honorary Lecturer in Medicine/Dentistry at the University of Glasgow. She has worked in a variety of areas within the NHS, East Africa and HM Prisons. She completed the strategic command course in 2009 and spent a year in the Metropolitan police developing a violence plan, and leading the Territorial Policing change programme.

She has published work on Armed Robbery teams, Alcohol and Violence Interventions in a clinical setting and Violence Reduction.

Contact Karyn: karyn.mccluskey@vruscotland.pnn.police.uk

Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/karynmccluskey

Find out more about the Violence Reduction Unit at http://www.actiononviolence.org.uk/